Toy Story

Students created their own toy alongside local pre-schoolers and write a story about what that toy does when no one is around.

Urban Ants

Students in kinder, third grade, sixth grade, and high school collaborated with university researchers to learn about ants in their urban and natural environments.

Nature or Nurture

“Do you know what symbiosis is?” reads the first line of the book Evolving Ecologists, …

Operation Story Cushion

Students interviewed younger children and parents in a school next to military housing in order to create a “story cushion” — a pillow with voice recorded chips so children could listen to their parent’s voice whenever they wanted.

Raptors for Rodents

Students created owl boxes for predatory birds to live in near a new building on the HTHCV campus, to learn about the local environment and help deal with the school’s rodent problem.

Storytellers of the Land

In Storytellers of the Land, fifth graders read and wrote origin stories about animals and nature and teamed up with local conservation organizations to analyze thousands of trail camera photos of local wildlife.

The Arcade Project

Students explored the simplicity and limitless uses of a cardboard box and then built arcade games out of cardboard and other recycled materials.

The Backyard Ecosystem Project

The core purpose of this project was for students to develop a connection to the natural world, and examine the role of pollinators, and re-plant a school garden.

The Bee Project

Students investigated the role of bees in our ecosystem, the various ways bees are being threatened, and wrote and performed plays about some aspect of what they had learned.