Students learned how to design and build fun toys designed to meet a disabled child’s needs.

Life Off Autopilot

To explore our personal relationship with technology and unpack the complex role it plays in our existence.

Humans vs. Nature

What is impacting the environment in San Diego and why is it occurring?

Urban Re-Farm

What are the motives, practices & philosophies that characterize humans’ production of food & water?

Finding Dory: Saving the Reefs

In Finding Dory: Saving the Coral Reefs Through Captive Breeding, students searched to see how can scientists find creative ways to protect coral reef systems.

Chaos or Community

In Chaos or Community: Learning to Listen How Dialogue Can Save Us All, a student created play on History of Police Brutality & Civil Rights

Humans of HTH

In Humans of HTH: The Art and Science of a Meaningful Life, students in English and Physics will study how photography can capture meaningful images.


The evolution of art in Western civilization is an epic journey, a mirror to humanity’s past from its ancient roots.